Improving the strategic function of communication in NFP services
Conference Date
10th & 11th April 2018
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Driving customer centric communication strategies
Significant market competition and digital innovation within the not-for-profit sector have compelled organisations to think more business-minded and strategic in how they market and communicate with their clients and supporters. With a growing number of NFPs in the sector and changes in business models, Organisations are looking for a competitive edge and how they can develop their services to increase brand awareness, build trust, develop new services in line with community needs and develop effective communication campaigns to distinguish their brand.

Benefits of attending the Strengthening Communication & Engagement conference:
  • Align business strategy with communications vision
  • Improve customer centricity & customer journey
  • Measure and evaluate communication strategies
  • Build brand trust and loyalty
  • Understand customer behaviour & gather insights
  • Develop a strategic approach to content curation
Who will attend? Representatives from NFPs, NGOs and Peak Bodies across:
  • Disability & NDIS
  • Aged Care
  • Community and Family Support Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Employment Services
  • Homelessness and Housing
Who are General Managers, Directors, Managers, Coordinators and Heads of:
  • Communications
  • Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Business Development
  • Strategy

Attend to learn:

  • Drive organisational cultural change to make communications a strategic priority
  • Improve customer-centricity to boost engagement & acquisition
  • Develop, measure & evaluate the impact of communication strategies
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Key Speakers

Alex Varley
General Manager Customer Experience
Andy Salmons
National Digital Marketing Manager
Endeavour Foundation
Nicola Reynolds
General Manager, Customer Innovation & Marketing


What People Are Saying

  • “The challenge for the sector, is in the need to redefine its target audience from government to the end-user of its services, forcing monumental changed in how this sector and the organisations within it communicate”

    Sara Berry
    Marketing Mag, 2017


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