Leveraging innovation & analytics to enhance patient outcomes
Conference Date
18th & 19th June 2019
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Harness the potential of data to drive clinical & operational improvement
Hospitals are under pressure to do more with less, to keep costs down while delivering safe and high-quality care. Innovation in digital health and business intelligence play a crucial role in a hospital’s ability to do this, providing access to timely information to make the most informed decisions.

As hospitals continue to navigate their transition to a digital health environment, the Optimising Health & Business Intelligence in Hospitals conference will look at how they can better use and leverage health and operational data to improve efficiency and patient outcomes. This conference will feature strategies and case studies to give you insight into the tools and practices being used in healthcare to transform data into insight, how to engage clinicians and how to embed a systems thinking approach.

Key benefits of attending
  • Embed the right processes, systems & teams to support advanced analytics capability
  • Strengthen information quality & standardisation
  • Make data meaningful to your end-user
  • Enhance data integration & visualisation to deliver actionable insights
  • Transform data into insight
  • Understand how advanced & predictive analytics are being used to improve clinical & operational outcomes

Who will attend?
Hospital and health representatives with roles and responsibilities for:
  • Chief Information/Digital/Data Officer
  • Chief Medical/Nursing Information Officer
  • Analytics
  • Data
  • Performance & Reporting
  • Health Informatics

Attend to learn:

  • Embed the right processes, systems & teams to support analytics capability
  • Transform data into insight to support decision making
  • Understand how advanced & predictive analytics are being used to improve clinical & operational outcomes
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Key Speakers

Dan O’Halloran
Senior Director, System Performance
Queensland Health
Patricia Liebke
IT Director
Healthscope, Northern Beaches Hospital
Stephen Canaris
Director, BI & Analytics
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Metro South Health
Richard Floyd
Innovation Architect
Canterbury & West Coast District Health Board, NZ


What People Are Saying

  • Very engaged delegates who took advantage of the opportunities to get close and personal with experienced leaders from the health system

    Simon Towler
    Clinical Lead South Metropolitan Health Service Futures Program, South Metropolitan Health Service


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