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2020 Sponsors

Evolution Forest Products

Evolution Forest Products is a wholly Australian owned business, supplying timber, plywood and panel products to the construction, renovation and manufacturing sectors.

In 2011 the directors of Evolution FP joined forces to consolidate decades of industry knowledge, working with local and imported timber-based building materials. This knowledge was used to procure a comprehensive, high quality range of products for the residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors. Evolution FP’s product range is designed to support the varying metropolitan and regional construction requirements across Australia and New Zealand.

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InQuik Bridging Systems

The InQuik bridge system is an innovative Australian designed and manufactured product, which reduces the cost and complexity associated with conventional bridge replacement. The solution has huge benefits to key Government projects, including Bridges Renewal, Fixing Country Bridges, Flood Mitigation, Roads to recovery, funding for local roads, building better regions fund, regional growth fund, community development grants program and Black Spot program.

InQuik supply the superstructure components to enable Council road crews, local labour, piling contractors, concrete suppliers, crane hire companies to install the pre engineered, pre certified modules keeping funds and work in the local community. The “place and pour” methodology means that the InQuik Integral Bridge can be installed by semi skilled labour over 2-3 days over a total project timeline of 1 to 2 weeks.

InQuik manufacturing is based out of Newcastle, NSW, it is made with Australian steel and certified by the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) to comply with AS5100
Bridge code & T44 or SM1600 load ratings.

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Infracorr Consulting Pty. Ltd is a mission-driven, industry leading consultant in the field of structure repair and durability services. Our principal areas of expertise include maximising the
longevity of structural assets using innovative remedial solutions.

We ensure that deteriorating or corroding assets, whether large or small, are restored to meet stringent structural requirements. We take pride in achieving these results with minimal cost and disruption to businesses and their stakeholders. Our team of highly skilled engineers, technicians and researchers combine decades of experience to preserve existing structures,
ensuring new projects last a lifetime.

At the core of durability lies Infracorr’s team of highly skilled consultants. We specialise in maximising the longevity of structural assets with innovative corrosion control and remedial solutions.

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Markham – adding life to concrete with innovative multi-benefit concrete treatments. Markham’s team is working throughout Australasia and the UK helping achieve genuine and cost- effective solutions for concrete structures.

We focus on PENETRATING HYDROGEL FOR CONCRETE – a disruptive multi-benefit treatment with both short-term and long-term benefits! When you choose Markham, you’re choosing the proven team with a track record of more than 20 years’ experience enhancing concrete performance on over 4000 concrete structures.

1/ Technical support
We work with you to find the best approach to suit your project’s unique situation. Our team has extensive knowledge about how our products and treatments will perform across a broad range of situations over the long-term.

2/ Project Management
Our proven experience in managing large and small-scale projects in the construction and civil sectors means our clients can trust us to deliver the right solution, on time and on budget.

3/ Quality Control
Markham has developed a culture of continual improvement at every level of our business – from product research and development to customer service and project management – quality is paramount.

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PNG Forest Products

PNG Forest Products is the industry leader in Engineered Wood Products and has been building a better future for PNG through sustainable manufacturing practices since 1954.

Employing over 1,200 Papua New Guineans, PNGFP is certified by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia, for both the internationally recognized PEFC Chain of Custody Certification and Type 5 JAS-ANZ product certification scheme.

PNGFP’s extensive range of products and services for the domestic and export markets include: plywood and treated pine timber; modular bridging and decking systems; kit homes and pre-fabricated buildings; project construction and infrastructure developments.

All timber is sourced from sustainable PNG pine plantations with our sawmilling and manufacturing plants in Bulolo powered by PNGFP’s own hydro power stations.

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Waeger Constructions

The Company is involved in bridge construction and specialised precast concrete, with experience in other civil works such as demolition, restoration and road works. The Company was established in 1987 by Karl Waeger, with Michael Waeger taking over ownership of the Company in January 2012.

The Company carries out a wide variety of civil projects with a focus on bridge design and construction, precast concrete manufacture, precast concrete installation and boutique landmark civil projects. Our team is passionate about providing innovative solutions to projects to meet our Client’s needs. Our solutions are fully customisable to suit the most difficult site or conditions and are always developed in conjunction with our Clients to provide the best solution for the project.

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