Innovative cost effective methods to maintain & replace your bridge portfolio
Conference Date
30th & 31st August 2017
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Cost effective practices to replace, renew & maintain your bridges
Bridges are complex pieces of infrastructure with specific safety needs. Local and State Government officials across Australia are struggling to maintain their bridge portfolio on limited funding.

The recently announced Bridge Renewal Programme commits over $360 million over five years to renew Local and State Government bridges across Australia. This provides asset owners with a vital opportunity to renew their ageing assets and drive improvement in their transport infrastructure.

The 'Bridge Asset Management & Renewal' conference will focus on:
  • How to strategically plan your bridge portfolio on limited funding
  • How to improve your inspection techniques & conduct innovative maintenance works
  • How to manage the replacement & renewal processes
Who will attend?
This conference is attracting senior stakeholders from State and Local Government with responsibility for:
  • Asset Management
  • Capital Works
  • Maintenance Work
  • Bridge Upgrades & Renewal

Attend to learn:

  • Discover award winning practice from other asset owners
  • Gain key technical insights on condition assessments, load capacity, inspection techniques & heritage listed bridges
  • Improve your asset management & maintenance procedures
  • Two days of industry networking & knowledge
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Key Speakers

Adjunct Professor Wije Ariyaratne
Principal Engineer Bridges
Roads & Maritime Services NSW
Mal Kersting
Regional Director
Patrick Murphy
Director Infrastructure Services
Scenic Rim Regional Council


What People Are Saying

  • “The Criterion team delivered an excellent conference, it was informative and allowed for some great networking opportunities.”

    Peter Gaff
    Asset Manager, Gilgandra Shire Council & Past attendee at Local Government Asset Management 2016
  • “As always, these conferences continue to impress, their content is always relevant to situations we are currently going through and they are a great atmosphere to network.”

    Samuel Murphy
    Asset Engineer, Townsville City Council & Past attendee at Data for Local Government Asset Planning 2016
  • “Criterion brings together a perfect mix of expert knowledge and practical experience to share ways of identifying and solving problems so we can all channel our energy in the right direction”

    Michael Freeman
    Manager Strategic Assets, Greater Shepparton City Council & Past attendee at the Data for Local Government Asset Management conference 2016


  • Date: 26 Jun 2017  By: Patrick Murphy

    Timber bridges are the time bombs in your road network. Do you know when they are likely to go off? If you don’t then you need an effective Asset Management Plan. Scenic Rim Regional Council did not have such a plan, and when one of its timber bridges failed it was a timely wake up …

  • Date: 10 Oct 2016  By: Peter Way

    Successful asset management of infrastructure is highly dependent on data, be it technical or financial data. Most organisations struggle to gather that data and adequately translate the data into useful information on which to make informed decisions. Similarly, most organisations struggle when it comes to articulating the condition of their assets and the levels of …

  • Date: 3 Jul 2016  By: John Comrie

    It’s been a decade since formal inquiries were conducted assessing the financial sustainability of local government sectors in all Australian states. Since then much has changed. There have been legislative reforms, guidelines and training aimed at improving financial performance. Councils rightly now focus much more on the longer-term than they once did. Local governments have …

  • Date: 6 Apr 2016  By: Bobbi Mayne

    Do you often hear esoteric words thrown around about financial sustainability, asset backlog, SRV, special schedule 7, asset re-evaluation, depreciation methodology and arguments like “it was the engineers”, “it was the accountants” and “we don’t have a system that does this”? This alien language was thrust upon me when I arrived at Rockdale City Council …

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