Keeping pace with change through agile & responsive approaches to regulation
Conference Date
25th & 26th July 2017
Hotel Realm, Canberra
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Be agile & responsive to achieve effective regulatory outcomes
Knowing how best to regulate behaviour in a rapidly changing and technology-driven environment is a challenge for all regulators going forwards. With today’s focus on more effective and efficient regulation, this conference will examine the tools and mechanisms for achieving better regulatory outcomes.

The 'Innovating for Better Regulatory Outcomes' conference will provide a valuable opportunity to benchmark with regulators in other sectors and jurisdictions to foster innovative ideas and approaches to regulatory design, engagement, and the use of technology in the regulatory process.

Benefits of attending
        • Achieve effective regulatory outcomes in a rapidly changing environment
        • Regulate through digital change with the right regulatory approach
        • Create efficiencies with data analytics
        • Implement innovative approaches to regulatory design
        • Build capabilities for better stakeholder engagement
Who will attend?
Regulators, federal and state government departments and associations with responsibility for:
      • Regulation
      • Stakeholder Engagement
      • Reform
      • Compliance
      • Policy
Workshop A: Enabling regulatory innovation through collaboration
Facilitated by Tanya Rough & Dr Grant Pink

Workshop B: Developing a risk-based decision making framework
Facilitated by Bronwyn Weir

Attend to learn:

  • Respond to the impacts of technology & digital change
  • Regulate effectively in the face of disruption & convergence
  • Develop innovative & alternative approaches to regulatory design
  • Build the tools & frameworks for more effective stakeholder engagement
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Key Speakers

Jonathan Coppel
Productivity Commission
Delia Rickard
Deputy Chair
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Kim Drummond
Principal Advisor, Regulatory Stewardship
New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs
Angela Jamieson
Acting Deputy CEO Operations


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