Driving financial sustainability & customer-centric services
Conference Date
22nd & 23rd November 2017
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Implementing a sustainable business improvement strategy

Local governments have undergone considerable transformation of late, with amalgamations and changes in policy, process, reviews and auditing. In addition to this, recent rate capping and funding cuts have propelled councils to find alternative methods of operating more effectively.

Business improvement provides an opportunity to consolidate strategic planning to reduce waste and achieve better service outcomes for their customers.

The Business Improvement in Local Government conference will focus on working smarter, more efficiently, finding cost-savings and aligning future direction with the needs of the growing community.

Key themes:

  • Lead change management
  • Boost financial sustainability
  • Optimise service planning & delivery
  • Maximise technology & data governance for decision-making
  • Improve performance reporting and process transparency
  • Understand human centred design

Who will attend?

Local Government & Council executives with roles & responsibilities for:

  • CEO & General Manager
  • Director of Corporate/Business Services
  • Business Improvement
  • CFO & Finance
  • Digital Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Data & Analysis

Attend to learn:

  • Drive cultural change
  • Optimise service planning & delivery
  • Align efficiency with customer needs
  • Boost performance transparency & use of data