Enabling speed, agility, performance & innovation with the right cloud model
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19th & 20th June 2019
Swissôtel Sydney
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Delivering speed, agility & innovation in the cloud
A great networking opportunity to get all your core cloud questions answered, whichever stage you are at in your journey          

Both the private and public sectors are increasingly realising the business impact of transitioning to the cloud. Embracing the right As-a-Service model has become an important part of core IT strategies in 2019, with an expected spend of $5.6 billion on public cloud services.

With growing needs comes an explosion of new cloud services, solutions and the journey of transitioning to the cloud has become demanding with enterprises evaluating public, private, hybrid and multicloud approaches. This has put CIOs and key stakeholders under immense pressure to balance business innovation with continued operational efficiency.

The Optimising your Cloud Journey conference will bring together leading executives and practitioners from the public and private sectors at various stages of their cloud journey to discuss practical steps to ensure you obtain the maximum benefits of embracing the right As-a-Service model for your workload.

Enhance your conference experience and learn how to
  • Embrace the right As-a-Service model for your business
  • Address the must ask Solution Provider questions before cloud adoption
  • Take a DevOps approach
  • Leverage data in your As-a-Service model
  • Cost management - how to prevent costs from spiralling

  •   Who will attend?
    Leaders from both private & public sector with job titles including CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CISOs, VPs and Heads & Directors of:
  • ICT Infrastructure & Operations
  • ICT Delivery, Architecture & Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Services
  • IT Strategy


    Attend to learn:

    • Drive speed, agility & scalability with the right cloud model
    • Balance business innovation & operational efficiency
    • Leverage data in your As-a-Service model
    • Overcome silos & internal barriers

    Key Speakers

    Anthony Borgese
    Partner, Technology and Data
    Minter Ellison
    Angela Donohoe
    Chief Information Officer
    BPAY Group
    Wallace Yim
    Director Strategy & Architecture
    Mark Lenzner
    Executive Director, ICT Procurement
    Department of Finance, Services & Innovation, NSW



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    • Date: 11 Jan 2017  By: Nigel Schmalkuche

      Organisations should commit to a mature transformation of their governance, technology, applications and management processes in order to better adopt cloud services. The first step for all organisations is to provide clear direction in a cloud strategy and link it to their digital, ICT and organisational strategies, vision and goals. The cloud strategy may include …

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    • Date: 31 May 2016  By: David Creagh

      In order to move to an As-a-Service model it is important to understand your governance model and how it is going to affect the overall outcome.  There is a constant trade off in infrastructure between the need to be agile and the need to control the outcome and quality of the final product, through clearly …

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