Conference Date
30th & 31st July 2019
Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel
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Adapting to new threats

Security is, of course, the first priority of all airports. With a continually evolving landscape, airport security has to adapt to new threats while simultaneously striving for a seamless, secure, safe passenger journey.

The industry must find ways to recognise suspicious activities, understand the latest threats, and keep up with evolving concealment techniques. They must constantly amend and improve network systems, security checkpoints, and internal processes. All while maintaining the delicate balance between operational efficiency and safety for passengers and staff.

Bringing together key stakeholders from across the industry, including airports, airlines, regulators, security agencies and solution providers, the APAC Airport Security Summit will showcase examples of best practice and provide a forum to
address the challenges that the industry faces.

Key takeaways

  • Discuss effective incident response with all the relevant stakeholders
  • Assess how regional airports will meet security screening requirements with limited funding
  • Unpack how to mitigate the likelihood of insider attack
  • Hear about the latest trends in drones and anti-drone technology
  • Evaluate the overlap between physical and cyber security, and overcome barriers to change
  • Understand how to keep staff engaged in technology that needs less human intervention

Who will attend?

Airports, Airlines, Local Councils, Police & Emergency Services, Border Protection and Customs officials with roles including:


  • COO / CSO / CEO / CIO
  • Heads of Security
  • Security Officers
  • General Managers
  • Heads of Operation
  • Heads of Aviation
  • Emergency Response
  • Crisis Management

Attend to learn:

  • Identify, respond & prevent physical security threats
  • Embed a security first culture to improve passenger experience
  • Maximise the benefits of new trends & technologies & unpack their implications
  • Bridge the gap between physical and cyber security