Tailoring your pedagogy to meet diverse learners needs
Conference Date
16th & 17th November 2016
InterContinental Sydney
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Differentiated learning plays a crucial role in ensuring students achieve their best learning outcomes. Learners have different ways of absorbing knowledge and information, therefore educators apply different pedagogies depending on students’ capabilities. However, this requires personalised planning, assessment and delivery.

This conference has been designed for you to explore approaches from best practice schools, and design how to apply and implement them in the context of your school. It will focus on the following key themes:

  • Identifying what your learner needs through assessment
  • Planning your curriculum around students’ abilities and needs
  • Overcoming your resources and time barriers to achieve differentiated pedagogy
  • Facilitating differentiation through use of technology
  • From each session you will take away key strategies and create new approaches to apply at your school straight after the conference!
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In this conference we’ve designed 20/20 sessions where speakers will deliver their
2o minute session on:

  • Implementing, aligning, overcoming strategies to assess student performance
  • Align pedagogy with diverse learning needs
  • Overcome resource and time barriers to achieve a differentiated delivery

Then delegates will have 20 minutes at the end of each to adapt and apply to their own situation. You will discuss key takeaways with other attendees, brainstorm ideas and create your action plan with key strategies to apply to your school context.

20 20 session

Attend to learn:

  • Implement various strategies of assessing student performance

  • Personalise teaching for your school

  • Align pedagogy with diverse learning needs

  • Ensure student and teacher wellbeing in a differentiated curriculum