Strengthening the prevention & management of psychological risk & injury
Conference Date
3rd & 4th March 2020
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Reduce risk and boost mental health in your workplace

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Nationally, eight million working days are lost due to poor mental health each year. While mentally healthy workplaces are equally as important to Australian employees as physically safe workplaces, many workplaces are failing to live up to this expectation; and it’s costing employees and workplaces.

The impact of psychological issues can result in reduced productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover in your workplace. Just this year, the World Health Organisation recognised burnout as an “occupational phenomenon”.

To effectively address these challenges, the Australian Institute of Health & Safety and Criterion Conferences are proud to bring you the Improving Integrated Approaches to Workplace Mental Health conference. This conference will bring together key stakeholders from across government, industry, peak bodies and academia to address the critical issue of workplace mental health.

You will walk away with new insights, evidence-based strategies and practical ideas to implement in your workplace. Learn how you can take a holistic and integrated approach to address the systemic causes of mental ill-health in your workplace, and adopt proactive strategies to reduce risk and improve mental health for your employees.

Join us for a national conversation, where we go beyond discussion on the importance of mentally healthy workplaces to uncover pragmatic solutions to common yet difficult challenges.

With expert insights from industry, legal, regulators, peak bodies, government and academics to help you:

  • Understand how you can better mitigate & manage psychological risk in your workplace
  • Learn what the new ISO standard on psychological risk could mean for your organisation
  • Gain insight into the latest developments on the impending psychological health workplace legislation
  • Measure your ROI on mental health strategy & programs
  • Think outside the traditional paradigm of health & wellbeing programs
  • Identify the early warning signs & at-risk employees
  • Support recovery & manage return to work

Who will attend?

Senior leaders and representatives with responsibility for:

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Healh & Wellbeing
  • People & Culture
  • Human Resources
  • Return to Work

Attend to learn:

  • Upskill managers & employees to respond to psychological issues in the workplace
  • Implement the critical components of an effective & integrated workplace mental health strategy
  • Develop a proactive approach to reduce risk factors that lead to psychological issues in the workplace
  • Leverage evidence-based mental health interventions to improve mental health in your workplace