Achieving sustainable growth through strategic business development
Conference Date
3rd & 4th May 2017
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Sydney
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Growing the supply of affordable housing

Affordable housing supply across Australia is critically low and housing providers are struggling to meet demand.

“Improving housing affordability is a key policy goal for the Australian Government” - Treasurer Scott Morrison in a memo announcing that he will meet with financiers and specialists in the UK affordable housing sectors, January 2017.

Unable rely on government funding, it is essential that housing providers secure private investment, understand and establish themselves in a marketplace that is driven by private sector models and manage their business and assets effectively in order to remain sustainable and grow.

This conference will focus on:

  • Developing social & affordable housing policy
  • Understanding the current housing landscape
  • Attracting & optimising financial investment
  • Achieving sustainability without government funding
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Navigating the private market place

Who will attend?

  • Community & Affordable Housing Providers
  • Federal & State Government
  • Banks & Superfunds
  • Housing Developers

Attend to learn:

  • Hear government perspectives on policy
  • Attract long term financial investment
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Navigate the private market place
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Key Speakers

James GS Criterion
James Waddell
Director Capital Financing
Scott GS Criterion
Scott Langford
Group CEO
St George Community Housing
Bill GS Criterion
Bill Povalla
Assistant Commissioner for Monitoring & Compliance
City of Chicago Department of Planning & Development, USA


What People Are Saying

  • “A well hosted conference with great speakers who have provided a lot of insight into Affordable Housing, and the discussions provided a lot of food for thought”

    Eileen Goh, Chief Financial Officer, VincentCare Victoria Affordable housing conference attendee 2016


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