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19th - 21st November 2019
CQ Functions Melbourne
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How will you respond to the Royal Commission Interim Report?

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The Royal Commission is a unique challenge and opportunity for the aged care industry to reflect on and identify areas for improvement, while also strategising for the future. While the government continues with ongoing reform, it is essential that providers are actively engaged in this watershed moment for aged care in Australia. Indeed, while the Royal Commission may eventually make recommendations to government, there is also an immense responsibility for providers themselves to drive positive change, and already there are key areas wherein the most proactive, leading providers are innovating to improve and ensure quality.

The Beyond the Interim Report of the Royal Commission Conference is the first opportunity to unpack the progress of the Royal Commission, including the yet to be released Interim Report. Learn what ongoing reform means for your organisation, and strategise with experts and industry leaders to be on the front foot and deliver the best possible care.

What will you take away from this conference?

  • Be among the first to hear the latest updates & insights on the Royal Commission directly from experts & industry leaders following the release of the Interim Report
  • Take learnings from the first four months of the new quality standards
  • Gain practical & strategic insights from proactive, leading providers who are driving quality improvement beyond compliance
  • Unpack key challenges and areas for reform including relationship based care, restraint & dementia
  • Explore the potential of innovation to address leadership, financial & workforce pressures, with best practice case studies from diverse providers of home & residential aged care

Who will attend?

Chief Executive Officers, Board Members, Executive & Leaders from Home and Residential aged care providers with responsibility for:

  • Strategy & Operations
  • Governance
  • Quality
  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • Clinical Care

Attend to learn:

  • Respond proactively & strategically to the Royal Commission Interim Report
  • Engage with consumers & strengthen a culture of relationship based care
  • Understand ongoing reform & actively improve quality in your organisation
  • Explore innovation & leadership for the future of aged care