Harvard Business Schools Boris Groysberg Presents:
Aligning strategy and leadership development to drive organisational performance
Harvard Case Method

How the Harvard Case Method Works

This executive forum is structured around the Harvard Business School case method. The case method is an innovative teaching model widely-used by the HBS faculty, which is well known for being a highlight of any Harvard educational experience.

Delegates will be presented with case studies on real life business challenges and put in the role of the decision maker, tasked with reading the situation, identifying and analysing the problem, and presenting a set of recommendations. This will be done through a dynamic learning experience where delegates will have the opportunity to exchange perspectives with peers, build and compare ideas and debate issues while Professor Groysberg steers conversation and poses questions to the group. This experience will be enriched by Professor Groysberg’s experience and the diversity of attendees in the room from very different roles and industries.

To maximise the learning experience, delegates are required to read the case studies prior to the event. Delegates will be sent the relevant cases two weeks prior.

“Building a Great Company” Custom Report

As part of the program, we are delighted to generate a “Building a Great Company” report for attendees coming in teams (groups of 3 or more).

This survey has been administered to groups of executives from around the world. Time and again, executives find it is a valuable and useful tool for them and their companies. The survey examines the factors that build a great company, and with the survey results, executives will be able to gauge how well their own organisations are doing relative to each factor. The survey is designed to measure each company’s performance on important drivers from strategy to culture.

The output will be confidential. Each company report will be distributed during the program, and we will discuss what can be learned – from best practices to action plans that can be implemented after the program.

This survey has been a huge success over the years, as it provides professional service firm executives with actionable insights on the opportunities and challenges facing their companies.