Prepare for the marketised system & future funding reform
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5th & 6th April 2017
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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With future funding reform in sight and the open and contestable market already driving providers to act competitively, it is crucial that providers take stock of the opportunities for innovation and growth but also that opting out may be the most viable option for your business.

For those aiming to thrive in the new market now is the time to define exactly what you are offering the consumer in the new market and how you can innovate to create a unique and competitive service.

While some organisations will thrive as a key player in the industry others will struggle to break down the barriers to innovation and growth.

This conference will give you essential insights into where the aged care sector is headed and unpack the future funding and regulatory environment to make critical decisions around strategy and innovation.

Attend & learn how to:

  • Navigate the regulatory and funding environment
  • Analyse your organisation’s potential for growth and innovation in the new market
  • Deliver competitive services in an era of choice and control
  • Understand and overcome barriers to innovation
  • Restructure business models in line with reform
  • Drive innovation and quality through partnerships
  • Build a risk culture to enable innovation on the ground

Who will attend?

Senior representatives from aged and dementia care with roles of:

  • Chief Executive Officer & Board Director
  • Chief Financial Officer & Financial Director / Manager
  • Chief Operating Officer & Operations Managers
  • Director of Strategy / Innovation
  • Director Business / Corporate Services / Partnerships
  • General Manager Residential Care
  • General Manager Home & Community Care
  • Manager Quality & Compliance

Attend to learn:

  • Unpacking the future funding landscape - beyond ACFI
  • Overcoming regulatory barriers to innovation
  • New business models to thrive in the open market
  • Identifying service gaps to shape competitive offerings
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Key Speakers

Jason Howie GS Criterion
Jason Howie
Chief Executive Officer
Graeme GS Criterion
Professor Graeme Samuel
AC National President
Alzheimer’s Australia & Monash University
Angela Ranguz GS Criterion
Angela Raguz
General Manager of Residential Care
Pat Sparrow GS Criterion
Pat Sparrow
Chief Executive Officer
Aged & Community Services Australia


What People Are Saying

  • “This conference [Strategic Thinking for Choice & Control 2016] comes at a time of great aged care reform, noticing that many of us in the business are both curious of opportunity and sceptical about probabilities the team of presenters allowed a greater view of the present direction. Highly informative well worth attendance!”

    Lisa Donnon, Healthy Ageing Team Leader, Country Health South Australia Local Health Network


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