Nov 18

KPMG shares cyber insurance insights

Author:Ash Natesh

The Verisk and RMS reports have shown that the cyber insurance market is enjoying a period of profitable growth, bringing the benefits of increased stability and competition for buyers. According to a report from Verisk, the US commercial cyber liability insurance market is expected to reach USD 6.2 billion by 2020, up from around USD … Continue reading KPMG shares cyber insurance insights

Oct 18

Aon’s Cyber Insurance Market Insights

Author:Ash Natesh

The Current Market Climate While the Cyber Insurance market is evolving at a faster pace than expected, there is very little uptake amongst corporates to adopt necessary cyber insurance in Australia as compared to the US. The EU sits between Australia and the US, although they are slowly catching up to the market trends with … Continue reading Aon’s Cyber Insurance Market Insights

Oct 18

Current Cyber Climate

Author:Ash Natesh

Are companies ready for cyber incidents? Most companies are much better prepared for hurricanes and earthquakes than any cyber attack. According to figures from AIG, only about 55% of Fortune 500 companies have cybersecurity insurance. For the majority of enterprises, the figures are even lower: just 35% of small to medium-sized businesses are insured against … Continue reading Current Cyber Climate

Sep 18

Underwriting Cyber Insurance – Challenges & Opportunities

Author:Ash Natesh

“In our increasingly digital world, the demand for cyber insurance continues to outpace supply, and many experts point to the lack of sufficient actuarial data as the main challenge for underwriting cyber risk.” – Michael Riley According to Michael Riley (Managing Director, Insurance, Accenture), cyber insurance premium value grew up to $1.35 Billion in 2016 … Continue reading Underwriting Cyber Insurance – Challenges & Opportunities