The Top 5 Tech Transforming Contact Centre CX

Sep 19
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As customers are progressively more empowered to take control of their services and smothered with an abundance of choice, the need for companies to deliver a simple, rewarding experience is greater than ever. 

There are five key technologies which can drastically improve the quality of your customer experience, help you attain new customers and keep them coming back for more. 

1.  Intelligent Callback 

Not to be confused with Automatic Callback (which allows customers to receive a callback when the centre has greater capacity), Intelligent Callback enables the customer to retain their position in the queue after they’ve disconnected the call. The caller can carry on with their day and have an agent contact them when they are reached in the queue. 

Businesses using Intelligent Callback find a reduced abandonment rate and increased customer loyalty, as trust is a strong driver of retention. 

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Many legacy systems are programmed to allow callers to make number-based selections (“press one if you’d like to renew your membership”), however the modern IVR offers natural language capability. They can also be programmed to interact with your database to provide information on common enquiries such as account balances or alerts regarding issues such as power outages. More advanced software has the capability to recognise different dialects and an extensive vocabulary. 

This ‘self-serve’ style of interaction enables incoming callers to access the information they need without requiring an agent and eliminating time spent on hold.

3. Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS) 

The majority of customers will attempt to solve their query online before they call the contact centre. By providing a phone number unique to the customer, WVS takes the customers web browsing information (length of time on the website, pages visited, keywords, etc) and provides the call centre agent with powerful information to solve the query faster. 

Businesses using WVS provide the customer with a more personalised experience and achieve a better conversion rate in a sales environment.

4. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Simply put, CTI is the method of connecting your phone system to your computer which can be used for either:

Call routing- The ability to understand which customer is calling and ensure VIP calls are answered promptly, customers are connected to the last agent they spoke to or, if they’ve recently purchased a product, routed to that product support group.

Screen pop- Provides information about the customer, such as their name, location, previous orders, complaints history, to the agent on their screen.

CTI saves time for both parties and is often used in tandem with a unified desktop, giving agents complete access to customer data. 

5. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Traditionally, customers have needed to be filtered through the switchboard (and sometimes several different teams) before they reach the agent best qualified to assist with their query. ACD is a foundational technology which enables skills-based routing, automatic callback, intelligent callback, inbound and outbound blending, as well as reporting and monitoring. 

ACDs are fundamental for companies receiving large volumes of calls and allowing them to meet customer needs more efficiently.

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