What is “Social Selling”?

Aug 14
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When my two overexcited colleagues, Anna and Kara arrived back in the office after a coffee with Tom Skotidas, an influencer in the B2B Social Media Lead Generation space, I just had to know what went down that attributed to their inspirational glow!

And wasn’t I glad I asked. The girls explained to me that they nominated me to interview Tom, and explore this idea of “social selling” (going back to what Kara said in her blog post ‘The impact of an influencer’, stay tuned: sponsors and potential speakers…video footage will be released very soon!) What an afternoon it was!!

The boardroom was decked out with all the necessary bells and whistles of a recording studio; good lighting, the right branding, video equipment and of course an expert in the social media space.

Although I walked into the room a little nervous and sceptical about what this concept of “social selling” was, not long after did I become very intrigued and excited about what this could mean for building relationships with our clients, sponsors as well as our esteemed speakers. My fears surrounding my video debut and lack of awareness in this space quickly turned around to became a fantastic, flowing conversation with Tom. I was captivated by his knowledge and expertise (yet appreciated his personable nature to help me understand these ideas even more, and have a laugh along the way!).

Social Selling by Tom Skotidas We spoke about these concepts, bouncing ideas and questions back and forth to create a great conversation, jam-packed with relatable concepts and how they could be applied to an organisation with real, measurable results!

Want to know where you can find out more about “social selling? Watch this space… Video launch coming soon.


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Criterion Content Team

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