GDPR and Beyond – Navigating Privacy Compliance in a Global World

Feb 19
Author:Tim Tran
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GDPR – Impact on Australian Organisations

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect on 25 May 2018 started an awakening of the fundamental need to respect the rights and freedoms of all individuals and protect their personal data from unauthorised collect, use, and distribution. The GDPR influenced a wave of new global legislation that will impact organisations all over the world, including Australia.  Organisations that ignore their obligations under applicable data protection laws put their business, employees, customers, and themselves at risk. These risks can lead to substantial financial, criminal, and civil sanctions, not to mention severe reputational damage.

The recent $57million sanction levied on Google by the French Data Protection Authority, CNIL, shows how serious privacy violations are and should be a wakeup call for organisations who believe they are above the law or not impacted by the law. The Google privacy violation is just one in many more that are coming.  Now is the time to ensure you and your organisation know what it means to design, implement and maintain a global compliance program.

Sheila FitzPatrick, one of the world’s leading experts on global data privacy/protection laws, including the GDPR, ran a 1-day interactive workshop to understand global and/or domestic data privacy obligations as an organisation operating in Australia.  Sheila provided insight and guidance on the data privacy laws in ANZ, Asia, Pacific Rim, EMEA, Canada, Latin America and the USA.  Sheila discussed comparisons between the GDPR and other data protection regulations, including the Australian privacy laws as well as the truths and myths surrounding compliance obligations, and the important difference between privacy and security.  The workshop will covered the following:

  • Overview of global data protection laws
  • GDPR and the impact on Australian organisations
  • Truths and myths related to GDPR
  • Data privacy vs. data security
  • Impact of technology on privacy compliance
  • The Google GDPR sanction and what organisation need to learn from it
  • How to build a global data privacy compliance program

Sheila is back by popular demand at the next Data Privacy and Protection Conference, 27-29 August 2019 in Sydney. Download the program to find out more.

Submitted by Tim Tran

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