Three keys to unlocking high quality service under the NDIS

Dec 17
Author:Drew McCoy
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The realities of the free market under the NDIS will compel organisations to critically reflect on their understanding and delivery of quality services. Positive intentions and skewed personal bias frequently result in the majority of service providers as rating themselves more favourably than their competition. It’s vital that organisations crystalise their approach to continuous quality improvement.

🗝 Definition: While many support workers and those at the coal face may individually understand the needs and wants of their clients, the same can largely not be said for organisations at the aggregate level. Successful organisations will specifically invest in objective market research to gather a foundation of evidence into the actual wants and desires of their consumers.

🗝 Measurement: Without a set of standards and independent adjudication against which to measure service delivery, organisations cannot truly be confident in the wider impacts and success of their actions. Anecdotal evidence and/or time spent in the industry simply does not impart the ability to measure standards of service, or benchmark them against other providers.  

🗝 Vision: A clear cut idea of what exactly you are and aren’t, is crucial to success in the post-block funding world. Many organisations fall into the trap of trying to be all things to all people in an attempt to retain and attract customers. Financially strong providers are willing to critically assess their strengths and points of differentiation, and create a strategy on this basis.

Being able to understand, articulate and measure the quality of the service that you provide are clearly not revolutionary concepts. As a sector undergoing such drastic upheaval, sometimes it’s important to step back and critically pose these critical fundamental questions across all levels of the organization. Sometimes it’s amazing to see the variety of perceptions concerning fundamental components of the organization.

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Submitted by Drew McCoy

Drew McCoy

Drew is a Conference Producer at Criterion.

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