Takeaways from the Measuring Social Outcomes Conference

Aug 18
Author:Ash Natesh
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The measuring social outcomes conference kicked off with Bessi Graham, Co-Founder of Benefit Capital. She brought to light how measurement for not for profit should not be viewed as an afterthought, but as a core part of the organisation.

“Organisations have the inability to be vulnerable, they often use measurement to only ever share good news stories” Bessi Graham

Measurement as Bessi mentioned should be about what we actually deliver to the cause/people that the organisation is fighting for.

We also had Louisa McKay the Executive Leader Community Services YMCA NSW talking about the various strategies that they are using at the moment in Measuring the program outcomes they are running

The Conference Featured Paul O’Reilly, highlighting the journey of FACS and their partners.

“We have always had the need to measuring our process, we never want to stop measuring the outcomes” – Paul O’Reilly

He spoke in depth on the measurement processes and the impact of these processes on FACS and their partners.


View what the Delegates had to say about the Measuring Social outcomes Conference:

Ell Grau from Flinders Foundation, Victoria

Loga Chandrakumar from Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria 

Imogen Brackin, Community Legal Centre NSW

Jacqui Harem, Te Wahanau o Waipareira, NZ


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