Strength in Numbers: How Partnerships Could Save your Organisation

Mar 15
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The saying goes that one strand of thread breaks easily, but three strands woven together remain strong. However, in a competitive, consumer-driven environment, what are the partnerships that can be built to add strength and value to your organisation? Who are the people you would benefit from working with and how would you go about forging a partnership with them?

Indigenous Employment Partnerships

With giving to non-government organisations on a steady decrease, and government funding also undergoing change, financial sustainability takes on new significance for many organisations.  Increasingly, institutions that have had security in funding or fundraising are now looking for new ways to maximise the efficiency of their operations.

Partnerships Key to Success in Indigenous Employment

By securing partnerships with related institutions, organisations are able to achieve success and consistency. One of the areas in which partnerships have been shown to have a positive impact is that of Indigenous employment, in which there are numerous examples of organisations banding together to maximise their impact.

An example of this is Mission Australia and Queensland Reds, who have forged a strong partnership in order to train Indigenous workers to embark on sustained careers. By working together, these organisations have been able to create an effective program in engaging, inspiring and mentoring young Australians through what can be a challenging transition into employability.

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education is another institution excelling in collaboration with a number other educational, media, governmental and training organisations to ensure optimal success.

At Criterion’s upcoming Indigenous Employment Conference, Claire Kilgariff, Head of Human Services, Arts and Foundation Skills will be running a workshop about how institutes can be partnering to improve career-building in Indigenous Australians. Book before Friday March 27th and receive a $200 discount!

Indigenous Employment

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