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May 17
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Freedom Aged Care doesn’t sit within a defined category within the aged care sector. The model falls under the retirement home villages act, the care offering is aligned to residential aged care and the service offering embraces freedom, choice, and independence.

With changes in government legislation and greater client expectations, there is now a stronger emphasis on choice and consumerism.

Combine this change in legislation and empowerment of consumer with a highly emotive, highly complex decision-making process and it can become exceptionally difficult to engage with your potential clients.

This means it is vitally important you understand what content the consumer wants to receive, when they want to receive it and how they want to receive it.

Freedom Aged Care was born out of consumerism and has embraced this concept since inception as the consumer is the funding instrument for the bespoke model. Below are five tips that have ensured Freedom Aged Care has continuously reached its potential clients in an ever increasing and ever saturated market place.

1. Start with your customer

Speak to your customer via a 1 to 1 conversation. The conversation required with the child of a prospective client is often very different to the conversation with the client themselves. Therefore, the communication, regardless of the medium, should also resemble this practice.

2. Data is king

Utilise a customer relationship management tool (CRM) as a single source of truth for customer insights. This will develop strategy based upon qualitative and quantitative data, which will in-turn create stronger engagements with the customer.

3. Embrace Digital

Choosing the right care option for a loved one is a highly emotive and highly involved decision. For this reason, the clients will conduct a multitude of research prior to purchasing. Embrace search partners, social, SEO, SEM and make sure your website has a strong user experience that’s engaging and intuitive.

4. Embrace Change

Make decisions on both qualitative and quantitative data. Ensure your team is empowered and embrace an agile methodology.

5. Story Telling

Choosing the right care option for yourself or a loved one is exceptionally complex and emotionally draining. The utilisation of storytelling can allow you to remove some of the complexity and connect with the client on a deeper emotional level, and in-turn increase the probability of engaging with that potential client.

In conclusion, consumerism is only going to benefit the aged care industry. It will allow providers to get closer to their customers. This will ensure improved service delivery across the entire category, one in which our consumers are demanding and more importantly deserving.

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Aged Care conferences

Submitted by Craig Flett

Craig Flett

Craig is a key member of the team behind the journey of transformation within Freedom Aged Care. Craig will share top tips on how to get started on transforming your organisation into being a customer centric business at the Implementing Increased Choice in Aged Care conference.

You will hear how embracing consumerism has allowed Freedom Aged Care to improve sales; marketing ROI; operations and to deliver high-quality personalised customer experiences.

This methodology has allowed Freedom Aged Care to grow from a small regional village to having 25 communities across Australia with further expansion in 2017.

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