How NFP Marketers can reach a larger audience and inspire action

Jan 14
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Keeping up with the latest marketing trends remains a challenge for all marketers but I’ve identified a few that I think are key for Aussie Not-For-Profit (NFP) marketers.

Here’s what I think should be your top priorities in 2014 to access a larger audience and inspire action:

1.     Develop your Mobile strategy and don’t waste time with apps

Mobile web surfing has been predicted to overtake desktop surfing by 2014, so you’d be crazy not to have a mobile strategy, right?

The mobile audience is huge, and if you haven’t considered your mobile strategy yet, it’s time to get moving or be left behind.  These days, it’s so easy to build mobile friendly websites that work on every device or operating system. They are also far less expensive than developing an app that may not stay on the phone for long.

If you want to take the first steps to develop your mobile marketing strategy I recommend this post on the SSIR:

Oh, and don’t forget to make sure to optimise your email marketing, to tie in nicely for those smaller devices.

2. Take advantage of content marketing to inspire action

“Get that content right, into people’s hearts and it will inspire action”, says content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi in a blog post.

Content marketing is not new to NFPs but it’s becoming even more critical. NFPs benefit from the powerful, emotional story telling that can create a much stronger connection. Even better, embrace video and imagery as part of your content strategy! Both are content rich and highly engaging, ticking all the boxes for awesome content.

With NFPs focussing on social outcomes measurement, and how there are making a difference, the upcoming Impact Measurement Awards will be yet another tool to showcase your inspiring stories and content.

Do you think these are the top priorities? What would be your top priorities for 2014?


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Submitted by John Burgher, Marketing Director, Criterion Conferences

John Burgher, Marketing Director, Criterion Conferences

John is a Marketing Director with over 12 years of B2B experience in the UK, Asia and Australia. He’s an ideas guy, foodie and a gadget geek who is always looking for the next ‘big thing’. If John had a super power he would love to plug into the matrix, and become superhuman. You connect with John on Linkedin

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