Mission Australia Announce Plan to Halve Homelessness

Sep 15
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CEO of Mission Australia, Catherine Yeomans presented the organisation’s new 10 step action plan to end homelessness at Criterion’s Linking Housing & Homelessness Services conference in Sydney this morning. The newly launched policy has called on new PM Malcolm Turnbull to commit to their goals of:

  • Halving youth homelessness by 2020
  • Halving total homelessness by 2025
  • Halving the number of lower income Australian’s living in rental stress to reduce the risk of homelessness

“We are calling for the PM to enshrine these targets in a new national housing and homelessness agreement, which gives certainty of funding rather than the stop-start arrangements of the recent past,” Catherine said.

“We know what works to fix homelessness. Prevent people in high risk groups from becoming homeless, fund evidence-based programs for people who are already homeless and ensure enough homes for people on low incomes. We can reach these targets because we know what needs to be done. But it requires strong leadership, a commitment from all governments to increase funding and to guarantee it over the next five years,” she added. 

Mission Australia’s 10 step action plan is as follows:

Mission Australia

Mission Australia 2

Download Mission Australia’s full Homelessness Policy for 2015 below:


Download Mission Australia's Homelessness Policy

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