Holding Your Organisation Accountable for Outcomes

Feb 15
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Outcomes measurement:  you select an approach, you embed it in your organisation and you use the results to prove your impact and make improvements where necessary.

But it shouldn’t end there.

A key part of good outcomes measurement is making your results available to others.  It means that your organisation is accountable for the outcomes it achieves.

The finalists in our 2015 Impact Measurement Awards all place a high priority on getting their results other there so they are accountable for them.  Here’s how they’re doing it…

  • Include results in Annual Reports
  • Provide Annual Reports directly to relevant groups and attend meetings where the Annual Reports are tabled to answer questions and get advice
  • Via Journal articles and other sector publications
  • A wall in the office for RBA-style one page reports on programs
  • Sharing reports on the organisation website using Results Scorecard 
  • Putting specific evaluation reports up on the website
  • Result workshops with senior management, staff and clients
  • Presenting results at external conferences (we like this one!!)
  • Putting research snapshots on the website
  • Incorporating reports into tender applications and audit process
  • Emailing results directly to interested parties
  • Where appropriate, sharing results on social media
  • eBooks capturing storytelling and journey
  • Short videos to demonstrate impact
  • Public launch of reports

So whether it’s for clients, staff or funders or qualitative or quantitative in nature it’s crucial that you get your results out there.

The ‘measurement’ component of outcomes measurement is only part of the journey.   The critical part is what you do with the information.  Getting your results out there will make sure you use what you know.

photo credit: Infographic: Study shows the long-term impact of teachers via photopin (license) 



Submitted by Lindsey Eifler

Lindsey Eifler

Lindsey is a Senior Producer who specialises in conferences for the public and not-for-profit sectors. On Wednesdays and Fridays she has, arguably, the best office in the world; her home on the beautiful Central Coast.

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