80% of marketers say their biggest challenge is keeping to a limited budget

Jul 14
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We recently surveyed key players in the marketing space in the aged care and disability service sectors, here is what they had to say.

  • 80 per cent of respondents said their biggest challenge is producing successful campaigns with a limited budget

This was followed closely by other key challenges of creating a dialogue with clients, families and carers online, and finally develop an advanced understanding of reforms.

The aged care sector is approaching the 1 July 2015 deadline to deliver all Home and Community Care on a CDC basis and the NDIS is continuing to roll out to more disability service providers.

As both of these critical reforms are progressing in the second half of this year we asked how professional marketers in each sector have been impacted;

“(We) need to reevaluate the services we offer”

“…Clearly will expect significant impact post June 2015”

An essential step in preparing for the significant change is developing a marketing strategy that will stand out from the rest, and some organisations already taking steps to grow a competitive edge.

“Web development, social media, brand strategy”

“Researching cost implications for an ongoing social media campaign”

The Marketing in a Consumer Driven Era conference will have 17 industry experts sharing their tips on key themes of:

  • How to produce successful campaigns with a limited budget
  • How to ensure organisation wide buy-in
  • How to create a dialogue with clients, families & carers online

Here are Liz Baker, Communications Manager at Samaritans Foundation tip’s for getting organisation wide buy in during a significant sector change.

photo credit: martinhoward via photopin cc

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