Top tips to keep Millennials in your organisation!

Jun 14
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What is a Millennial?

This term is referred to the youngest generation in today’s workforce, and also what can be argued as the most dynamic.

Characterised by high demand and in built confidence, this vibrant group are the ones most likely to get up and go to bigger and better things once you have spent time and resources to get them all trained up!

So how do we get this tech-savvy, go-getter to stay in our organisation?

Here are the top tips for talent retention written by Cara Waters “How to Manage and keep Millennials in your business”.

  1. Find out what the problem is – Times have changed, gone are the days where it would a goal to stay in an organisation for more than 10 years. Transition is a good thing, but can also cause lack of corporate knowledge and instability.
  2. Motivation – When you know what drives someone, you will know how to get them to perform to their optimum level. There is no set path to success. There are both monetary and non-monetary rewards you will need to consider.
  3. Goals – Growing up in a world with instant gratification, we need to keep our Millennials motivated with achievements and goals, or they will simply get bored too easily and move on. Keep them engaged and they will give you more!
  4. Training – Millennials crave continuous training and development. To keep them we must constantly feed their desire to learn and up skill!
  5. Culture – It is all about the “work life balance”, eliminate traditional barriers including the standard 9-5 and four white walls.
  6. Leadership – As Millennials constantly want to grow, learn and develop, feedback is the key! They enjoy a collaborative leadership style..
  7. The good news for SMEs – Millennials want to be part of the growth of a company, feeling like they have genuinely contributed to the success of a business and getting involved in their strategic direction will ensure they stay in their roles and business as a whole.

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