Which NSQHS Standard are hospitals struggling with most?

Feb 16
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Partnering with Consumers is proving to be the most challenging NSQHS Standard to comply with, according to a survey carried out by Criterion earlier this year.

We questioned 173 clinical and administrative hospital staff from across Australia on how they felt they were performing against the NSQHS standards. While Standard 2 was the most problematic, the majority said they were facing their greatest challenges in areas related to overall NSQHS implementation.  

Most pressing challenges

When asked which of the standards they were struggling with the most (with the option to select multiple responses), 30% chose Partnering with Consumers. This was followed by Standard 6 – Clinical Handover, chosen by 23%, and Standard 1 – Governance for Safety & Quality, chosen by 20%.

However, a significant proportion of respondents said they were facing other challenges surrounding implementation, particularly in the areas of staff management, understanding and compliance. Administration and paperwork was also an issue, as was providing appropriate care for vulnerable patients including the elderly and those from diverse cultural backgrounds.

NSQHS Standards

The revised standards are due to be released in 2017, and healthcare organisations need to start exploring the proposed changes now to prepare for accreditation. The Improving performance against the NSQHS standards conference in May will examine how to create a culture of continuous improvement and close the quality loop. Book your place by March 11th to save $500.

NSQHS Conference

Submitted by Jessica Farrelly

Jessica Farrelly

Jessica is part of the marketing team at Criterion, specialising in content and social media. Originally from Ireland, she’s an avid traveller and moved to Sydney after a year spent living out of a backpack in Asia.

One thought on “Which NSQHS Standard are hospitals struggling with most?

  1. The roll out of the NSQHS were poor at best. I have submitted data on numerous occasions.
    The nationalising of a healthcare system was devised primarily for Public Hospitals. I am in a position where I visit many hospitals. Their standards are various.
    The public hospitals will NEVER be closed if they receive NOT METS. The same cannot be said for the smaller private operators. The NSQHS is a big stick being pointed at the very smallest of healthcare settings, where there is no evidence of poor healthcare. These small hospitals also struggle to have funding from the major funds even though their kpi’s are the envy of larger providers, simply due to the excellent care they receive. What other private business HAS to provide data to it’s consumers for them to make comment about all aspects of their service.
    Is this really what NSQHS inception was about?

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