Are you measuring your outcomes? Learn from YMCA!

Nov 18
Author:Ash Natesh
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Measuring the impact of government policies and programs is critical to maximising
results for citizens. In order to achieve this, government departments and agencies
that were once focused on outputs are undertaking a much needed transformation
to become outcomes focused. While it is clear that outcomes based approaches are
essential in ensuring the public sector effectively serves its citizens and achieves the
desired impact, there are many challenges to successfully transitioning to this new way
of working.

Some NGOs are a few steps ahead and are already measuring outcomes. Others are looking to follow as government makes the shift and asks them to demonstrate their impact. 

Louisa McKay, Executive Director Community Services, YMCA will be presenting at the Planning, Measuring & Strengthening Outcomes Based Approaches in Government Conference.

She’ll be sharing insights from her experience on Empowering NGOs to engage with outcomes & prioritise results, including practical advice on: 

• How to review current programs using a results based accountability
• Developing capacity and collaborative teams to measure, report
and improve on outcomes
• How to strategise around core goals and how to achieve them

Louisa highlights the need to Educate and Include while measuring the various outcomes, touching upon the Brightside program that YMCA NSW is running. Here is a glimpse of the work she has been doing:

Louisa McKay

Louisa’s passion for social justice led her to working in the Community Sector and in her current role as Executive Leader – Community Services, YMCA NSW.

Her career spans over 25 years in the Community Sector working with both Government and Non-Government organisations. Within the sector she has worked in Community Development, Early Childhood Education, Learning and Development, Project Management & Child Protection.


Don’t miss Louisa McKay at the Planning, Measuring & Strengthening Outcomes Based Approaches in Government Conference12th & 13th February 2019, Sydney.

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Ash Natesh

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