LinkedIn – the new networking resume.

Feb 14
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We all have pet hates. One of mine happens to be rudeness, and a lack of understanding when it comes to daunting social tasks that immediately spread nerves even at the thought of it. Before my employment at Criterion Conferences, nothing made me more nervous than printing out the final copy of my resume and hoping it was well polished, what they were looking for and up to professional standard-even more daunting was the task of actually walking into the store or organisation and exposing yourself for judgment. In saying this, here is my pet hate! You puck up the courage to speak to the person in charge and shakily hand over your resume only to be told, “We don’t accept hard copy resumes, you have to apply online.” It is now that I have come to the realisation that hard copy resumes in which you devote time and energy into perfecting are no longer relevant and a thing of the past; it is all about your online profile – LinkedIn being a prime example of this. Not surprisingly, a study has found that social media is on the rise, especially among Gen Y. Notably; social media is also regular part of the workday for many senior executives, including the recruitment process. The article How social media has changed the workplace explores further than just the personal changes that sites like LinkedIn have caused. A typical day at Criterion Conferences presents various online activities including tweeting, posting, polling, blogging, sharing, networking, following and connecting. I even got my job here at Criterion Conferences via LinkedIn. It’s official, LinkedIn is the new Seek and even moreso, LinkedIn is the new recruitment process, a process that enables an employer to see both the professional and personal side of an individual. So a friendly note to anyone out there in the recruitment process – become involved in LinkedIn. You’ll be surprised how many organisations actively seek employee’s through this channel and the key to success is your online profile. Make sure it resembles the professional and amazing you! An even important note to end on, employer’s don’t just look at LinkedIn. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter are rid of embarrassing photos and nasty posts.

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Criterion Content Team

This post has been written by the Criterion Conferences Content Team. Based in Sydney, we are an independent research organisation, producing over 90 conferences a year across a variety of industries. Our events, attended by thousands of senior delegates from the public and private sector, are designed to enrich, inspire and motivate. Our focus is on providing innovative, value adding content via our conferences and blogs like this are extension of that principle. You can view our conferences by visiting our website

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