Daphne Cordona from NOVA shares her journey as an EA

Mar 19
Author:Ash Natesh
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As the role of the executive and personal assistant continues to transition and evolve, it is essential to take control of your professional development and understand how you can move beyond efficiently performing your core duties and create additional value for your employer and organisation.

The team at Criterion Conferences spoke to Dapne Cardona, EA to CEO at NOVA Entertainment . See what she has to say about being an EA at NOVA and tips and tricks that she shares for aspiring EA’s:

1. Tips & Tricks you would give aspiring EA’s on how to play a strategic role in your organisation?

While your main goal is to keep your executive organised, remember they are running a business or a department and so you should be aware of what’s going on in the business. Read everything that comes into your executive’s office, read the company Strategy documents (even help pull them together if you’re in a position that can), read the company / departmental budgets and board papers. Familiarise yourself with any company documents you have access to in your role. Keep up to date on industry knowledge as well, by signing up to industry email alerts and newsletters so you’re constantly up to date. You’ll make yourself an invaluable asset to your executive and the business with your power of knowledge. Another approach to being strategic is to be a problem solver and don’t bring problems to your executives attention, if you must then present them with solutions to make their job easier.

2. What was your journey at Nova Entertainment?

I joined Nova a year ago to support our CEO. Prior to Nova I worked for News Corp Australia for 8 years in various 1:1 EA Roles in Sydney and Darwin.

3. How did you develop a personal brand to further your professional career?

First Impressions are important, not just how you present yourself but also how you interact with staff, clients etc. Treat everything with the utmost confidentiality and don’t engage in office politics. Always remember you are an extension of your executive.

4. What would delegates gain from the Meet your mentor session that you and Charlotte Bigaignon are presenting?

Think beyond the traditional EA role. The EA role has evolved greatly, be prepared to make decisions, research and pull presentations & documents together on your executives behalf. Be confident to delegate or take on tasks yourself.

Be open to learning! There is always something to learn and there is always room for improvement whether it’s business knowledge or EA Processes. Learn from other EA’s no matter their level of experience, what might have worked for you for years, you might learn from another EA another way of doing something that might work even better. I might learn from the delegates and I hope that I do!

Don’t miss Daphne’s presentation at the 10th annual EAPA Convention on the 30th April & 1st May 2019 in Sydney.


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Ash Natesh

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