How to communicate with different personality types

Dec 13
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Last time you got to discover what personality type you are  by using the key characteristics from the D.O.P.E personality test. Now that you know whether you’re a Dove, Owl, Peacock or Eagle it’s time to try and identify what your colleagues are.

The trick to building positive colleague relationships and getting what you want in the office is to understand how to communicate with different personalities, so we have put together some tips for you:


How to Communicate with a Dove

  • Be relaxed and agreeable
  • Be logical and systematic
  • Be predictable
  • Agree clearly and often
  • Use the word “we”
  • Don’t push or rush
  • Compliment him or her as a team player
  • Be a good listener

 what personality type are you OWL

How to Communicate with an Owl

  • Be systematic, thorough, deliberate and precise
  • Focus on the task
  • Be prepared to answer many “how” questions
  • Provide analysis and facts
  • Don’t get too personal
  • Don’t rush unnecessarily
  • Expect to repeat yourself
  • Allow time for evaluation
  • Use lots of evidence
  • Compliment the precision & accuracy of the completed work


How to Communicate with a Peacock

  • Focus on developing a relationship
  • Try to show how your ideas will improve his or her image
  • Be enthusiastic, open and responsive
  • Be forthcoming and willing to talk
  • Ask and answer “who” questions
  • Remember to be warm and approachable at all times
  • Work to minimise his or her direct involvement with details or personal conflicts

How to Communicate with an Eagle

  • Focus on the task
  • Talk about expected results
  • Be business-like and factual
  • Provide concise, precise and organised information
  • Don’t argue details
  • Be direct

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Submitted by Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell

Fiona is a producer who brings an international perspective to the team, with a background and experience in Scotland, Singapore and Shanghai. She is a foodie, a keen netballer and passionate about travel.
Fun fact about Fiona – She survived cycling down ‘the world’s most dangerous road’! (In Bolivia, South America)

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