7 Tips to Getting the Recognition You Deserve

Feb 14
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“Statistics shows that 80% of employees are dissatisfied or think they are undervalued at work. Despite that, 69% of them stay on with their current employer.”

Don’t be that 69% that don’t seek the recognition you deserve. After conducting our own survey to over 5000 EA and PAs across Australia it was evident that recognition is a key driver in motivating employees.

Other issues facing todays EAs and PAs include; Technology, progression and communication.

So what can you do in your role to get the recognition you deserve?

  1. Speak out, loud and clear!
    Research shows woman think faster than men and have the solution to the problem before a man arrives at it – use this skill to get noticed.
  2. Focus on your workload – Be a doer not a helper. No one recognises your late nights spent at the office doing someone else’s work. In saying that, avoid coming across as unhelpful.
  3. Let your light shine – Talk about how you are succeeding at work. Think before speaking though. You don’t want to come across sounding like you are boasting.
  4. Confidence and Communication – Communication is the key. Let your boss know everything you do each day – this should only take you a couple of minutes. Your challenges, quick wins and to do list.
  5. Accept compliments with class– Why would you work so hard not to accept praise? The ability to accept praise is what puts men like Richard Branson in the news!
  6. One-to-One– Set a meeting to talk about how you feel undervalued.  Be calm and address the issue with examples.
  7. If all this fails – If nothing changes after all this, update your CV, do some research and when the time and opportunity comes up to leave, please do so and don’t look back.

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Submitted by Criterion Content Team

Criterion Content Team

This post has been written by the Criterion Conferences Content Team. Based in Sydney, we are an independent research organisation, producing over 90 conferences a year across a variety of industries. Our events, attended by thousands of senior delegates from the public and private sector, are designed to enrich, inspire and motivate. Our focus is on providing innovative, value adding content via our conferences and blogs like this are extension of that principle. You can view our conferences by visiting our website http://www.criterionconferences.com/conferences.

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