6 Ways to Spring clean your Life

Sep 14
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Now that Spring has officially sprung there is no better time to declutter the layers we have culminated over winter and shed them off to have new focus and energy in the lighter months ahead.

Be inspired by the birds chirpy and the flowers blossoming, commit to some new action:

  1. Set a daily intention when you wake up. Don’t get bogged down in the detail of things that aren’t so important in the grand scheme of things. If you were going to achieve one thing today what would it be?
  2. Declutter your work space – setting down at a desk that is overflowing with paper can be overwhelming and distracting. Get rid of things that you haven’t looked at in ages and are cluttering your desk space and your head space
  3. Declutter your head space – do you write to do list for personal and work life that ends up being so long that you can never tick everything off? Shortened your to do list with things that are really a priority and important to you. Do you have on your list to join a gym but you prefer keeping fit by walking outdoors, change your to do item to spend 20 minutes to walking outdoors everyday
  4. Do an inventory on what you spend your energy thinking about – Do you spend time working in your circle of concern or your circle of influence?  Your circle of concern is the things you think and worry about but you have little ability to do anything to change them. Your circle of influence is the things you can change for the better. Let go of the things you can’t change and you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the things you can.
  5. Spend (and save) happy Happy people save a ¼ of your left over earnings, give 12% on giving to friends, family or charitable organisation and spend 40% of left over earnings on learning or life experiences. 
  6. Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings- be open to change in your life and work. Look for something that challenges you or pushes you outside your comfort zone.

The  8th National EA & PA Convention explores some of these themes with:

How to exude positivity & find happiness at work

Tanya Smith, Personal Assistant to Director Mobility Pricing & Director Pricing, Wireline, NBN & Media Group Telstra

Enhancing performance through strategic thinking & decision making

Roger La Salle, Matrix Thinking

How to be an advocate for change

John Karagounis, Managing Director the CEO Circle


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Criterion Content Team

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