3 Easy Action Points for Every EA & PA

Oct 14
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Just recently we hosted our ‘8th National EA & PA Convention’ in the Shangri-La Sydney. It is always our favourite event of the year as it’s the perfect cocktail of networking and progressive business lessons, blended with plenty of fun and a splash of goodies!

Over the course of two days we heard lessons and strategies from inspirational EAs including; Christine Martinez EA to MD at BMW Australia and Fitzgel Spliet, EA to CFO at News Corp Australia.

The event attracted EAs and PAs from across Australia; representing private corporations, government, universities and not-for-profits. It was wonderful to see such a mix of people and personalities in the room, and despite the differences in their roles from organisation to organisation everyone resonated with the same issues.

There were a number of key issues addressed at the event by our wonderful speakers, but there were 3 main action points that I wanted to share, as I believe that if actioned upon would help every EA, no matter what sector or industry you work in.

1.     Master the art of saying NO!

EAs are the queens (and kings) of multitasking, but all too often you find yourselves saying yes to every task that is put in front you. Unfortunately sometimes these tasks may be out with your job description. It could be anything from organising the Xmas party for the third time in a row, or buying lingerie for your boss’s wife…  Mastering the art of saying no is an invaluable skill for an EA! 

Empower yourself to control tough situations by developing strategies for how and when to say no. Here are some great tips to get you started!

 2.     Step-up to play a strategic role in your organisation

To get ahead in today’s competitive world, organisations and their people need to have a sound strategy to achieve their overarching goals and these need to be aligned. Often EAs and PAs get left behind in this process and yet they are integral to its success.

Enhance your performance operating more strategically in your role, leverage your strengths and learn how to work more effectively with others to achieve your own and the organisation’s strategy and goals.

Kick start your strategic thinking by reading Paul Shoemaker’s 6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers.

If you missed our previous post on the topic we’ve provided 4 ways Executive Assistants can play a strategic role in their organisation

 3.     Be an advocate & catalyst for change

Across sectors and industries, most companies in Australia are going through a time of change, budget cuts and restructures. Being an EA you are not only the face of your boss, but also a face of the company, therefore it is incredibly important to keep an open mind, to be adaptable and flexible through change.

In order to be an advocate and catalyst for change you need to keep an open mind, be adaptable and flexible. In order to manage change with resilience and optimism you need to understand the current marketplace and how to ride the wave. See the broader picture and how you can play a role in empowering others, there is serious value in positive psychology in times of change.

So get positive today with these 17 Positive Psychology Tips to Prime Positivity.

So go forth and implement these 3 easy action points to optimise your value and accelerate your professional growth!

If you are reading this and are disappointed to have missed out on our 8th National EA & PA Convention, don’t fret… The next addition of our fabulous series is in the making! Set to take place mid-March in Sydney. Stay tuned to hear more about all the fantastic speakers and program details.

Submitted by Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell

Fiona is a producer who brings an international perspective to the team, with a background and experience in Scotland, Singapore and Shanghai. She is a foodie, a keen netballer and passionate about travel.
Fun fact about Fiona – She survived cycling down ‘the world’s most dangerous road’! (In Bolivia, South America)

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