Successful onboarding will improve your employee experience!

Feb 19
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Don’t have positive employee experience or any at all for that matter? Well, you need to have a read of this and realise that you won’t have any employees working in your company, let alone any experience if you don’t have a successful onboarding process.

Onboarding is one of the final stages of the recruitment process and is the most costly if a candidate drops out. A modern and digital onboarding process will help lower your candidate drop off rate, and introduce your new employee to the start of their journey! Let’s get into it then, and find out how onboarding can improve the employee experience.

First comes…

The Verbal Offer

The job has been posted and in come the applicants. You find three to five you like and conduct the interviews, and one by one you sort through them and pick “The One”; naturally, of course, you offer them the role.

Now, from the moment the job is presented, the onboarding process should be ready to begin. Before and after your candidate has accepted, be aware of how you can make their employee experience worthwhile and unforgettable. It is possible!

They said yes!

You feel relieved and should start by congratulating them on making it through the final recruitment stages and onto the onboarding process. Don’t forget this may be their dream job, or they left a job to accept this offer; it’s a big move, and you want to reassure your new employee that they made the right and smart decision. Automated emails can be a real lifesaver, but get personal, and send them direct messages or give them a call to stay in contact before their first day.

Could you imagine a candidate accepting a job to then not hearing anything until a few days before they start? Where’s the communication and connection? You need to show your new hiree that the company values their time and is excited to have them join the team.

After they’ve accepted your offer…

Send them the contract and forms

Don’t keep your candidate waiting, send them all their paperwork and do it digitally – so easy, and it makes signing the deal that much quicker. The digital signing needs to be completed promptly, and by making it accessible anywhere, it becomes more efficient for candidates to sign their contracts.

Imagine a candidate accepting your offer, and they receive their contract and forms on the same day, and can complete and send it back through their phone! They don’t have to wait to receive a package in the mail or go and print out forms that they then have to hand in person. Not only are they saving time and energy, but you don’t have to wait several days or weeks to gather all the information. It’s a win-win!

With a modern digital onboarding system, your new hires will feel connected and see your company as professional and respectful of their time. Don’t forget they may be considering other job offers; so act quick.

Start their Pre-Training

Make their employee experience a positive one by sending training videos and modules in a matter of seconds. New hires can access this information while on the train home.  Show your new employee that your business is advanced, reliable and forward thinking.

By sending them pre-training modules, it will prepare them for the task ahead and lets them know what to expect so they can be ready to succeed in your company.

What’s next?

Okay, so you have all that covered, and the new hiree has completed their training and done it all remotely on their mobile device – now what? Are you going to keep them up to date with pre-induction videos? Will you let them know who they will be meeting on their first day and what to bring? Don’t be late doing this, make sure you…communicate.

Get all provisions ready – IT access/desk

Keep everyone on the same page with internal communication between the stakeholders, managers and candidate. Don’t wait until the night before to send your new employee information; keep everyone informed; including your team!

Picture your new employee arriving on their first day, and they don’t even have a desk, or the receptionist needs to ask what role and department they work in, so they know who to call. This lack of organisation and communication will send a wrong message to the new hiree.

Don’t run around the office like a headless chicken because you haven’t organised yourself properly. Keep your team and your new employee informed on all the details before the first day, show the new employee you’re ready by giving them the date/time/who to meet/required equipment etc.

With auto-notifications, you can organise someone to greet your new employee when they arrive and bring them into the office. They can be shown the layout including the restrooms, fire exits, kitchen and of course their work station!

By having internal communications, you can inform IT to prepare and give access to the new employee, as well as informing the allocated person to organise the new employee’s desk, supplies and more. This will make a good impression and excite the employee for the rest of their ongoing employee experience.

Now that you have heard how the onboarding journey will help improve the employee experience, up next is the induction and first day.

Their first day and induction

The day has arrived, and you have someone ready to greet them and introduce them to the team. They’re most likely nervous and excited, so make it an excellent welcome for them.

Remember to be prepared for their first day and allocate a person to do the induction. You could even do parts of the induction during the onboarding process. The whole purpose of the induction is to introduce your new employee to the companies policies and procedures, meeting the staff and being shown what their tasks are and how to work safely.

Ready to go

Once they arrive on their first day and complete their induction, they can then complete further training and be ready to start. If you can get the onboarding process right, the induction will follow smoothly.

Now, your new employee is ready to go. After their first day, they should feel secure and welcomed, and also relieved they chose and accepted the job offer. One week later and it’s on to the remainder of their employee experience!

The journey ahead

So, you’ve seen it for yourself how this will help, and trust us it will. Improve your employee experience and make it incredible with a successful and powerful onboarding system; you won’t regret it.

Your candidates and employees will notice the difference and see your business as forward thinking and digitally advanced. Nothing stands in your way!

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