A Week in Criterion – by intern Lachie Bloore

Dec 19
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Criterion Conferences was delighted to have Lachie Bloore join us for a week as an intern. He worked across teams and immersed himself in B2B corporate life. Here’s what he had to say about his experience: 

On Sunday night I was thinking everything would be very serious and sort of like the office movies where everyone is in cubicles. As well as this, I was expecting the city to be pretty overwhelming. I was pretty wrong about that.

The atmosphere in the office was very upbeat and cheery with everyone seeming to be having a good time. Everyone was very friendly, welcoming and supportive. There always seemed to be banter going on and friendly chat going on. I always  felt like the things I was doing meant something and were going to be used.

The city was big at first and easy to get lost in, but I learnt my way around it pretty quickly which I also think is a good thing to know how to do. My experience at the conference was also a good place to see what everything I had done was going towards. I got to see how these things actually worked and how well planned out they were. The conference centre was also a cool thing to see and how to set up something like that.

I learnt how to make banners for emails, LinkedIn posts and other things like that on Canva with the marketing team. I learnt how the ideas for the conferences are brought into practice with the operations team by making all the name tags and helping with logistics. I learnt how to come up of conference ideas with the production team. And I helped out with the conference with a mix from each team. I liked learning how the process of a business works and how one teams work allows another to start and how its like a big machine. I also learnt how to get around the city without getting lost and also where to find the best spots for food.

I enjoyed being able to try each of the different teams and events for each different day. I found that beneficial because I’m not sure what I want to do after school and this gave me a better idea of thinking about that. I also enjoyed the half day at the conference at Darling Harbour. The change from office to event while still being formal yet fun showed how well everything is planned and how the attitude is positive almost all the time. I also enjoyed making the banners which I enjoyed because I’ve always liked being creative on the computer, and knowing that some of those may be used for the marketing was a good feeling. I also enjoyed just being able to help out with things that people were overwhelmed by or when they had to much on. I also enjoyed lunch each day, the ability to sometimes meet with my friends or go with others was really nice to be able to get up and go for a quick wander around the city. I also liked how friendly everyone here is.

Things I didn’t enjoy were things like sitting for most of the day and having to wear clothes I don’t usually wear. These were such small things that I don’t really care too much about them. But there isn’t much I didn’t enjoy about my week at Criterion.


Submitted by Lachie Bloore

Lachie Bloore

Lachie goes to Shore School in North Sydney and is in year 10 going into year 11. After school he would like to possibly go into marketing or design of some sort, as well as engineering.

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