If you could ask Santa for one thing to help out your sector this Christmas, what would it be?

Dec 13
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Christmas is just days away so we asked a few our friends a very simple question:

If you could ask Santa for one thing to help out your sector this Christmas, what would it be?

Check out what other people said below and add your own wishlist in the comments!

Local Government:

“I would like clarity from the state government on the structural reform of the metropolitan area (in Western Australia) and what they have in store for other local government areas.”

“I would like to hear what the Coalition government’s approach is to urban policy and funding programs. There has been very little coming out of Canberra and it would be good to have some clarification.”

Higher Education:

“All too often people are promoted on their research prowess, so I’d ask for more people with vision and courage at the helm of institutions.”

Vocational Education & Training:

“We would like more government funding, recognition and respect of the value of our sector and a pony”

Health & Hospitals:

“I would like more recognition and appreciation of the work that nurses and medical staff do.”

“I’d ask for ipads for education team to improve flexible learning.”


“I’d like more external resources to help build organisational capability”

Housing & Homelessness:

“I’d like to utilise under occupied buildings in the community to shelter those in need”

“An adequate supply of permanent affordable housing across Australia – to ensure that any person or family who becomes homeless is re-housed as quickly as possible. Also an adequate supply of permanent supportive housing for people who are homeless and who also have complex problems – this will end chronic homelessness in Australia.”

Submitted by Criterion Content Team

Criterion Content Team

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