The challenge of changing jobs within an organisation

Sep 14
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Career development doesn’t necessarily occurs upward, it can also take sides and move right or left. Not literally, of course; however sideway career development can be as challenging and exciting as stepping up a stair on the career ladder. One of our talented producers moved on from one department to another. We felt like the story was too good to hide so he shared it with us and we are sharing it with you. Once upon a time… 

It is always a challenge moving department within the same organisation. Just when you think you know everything about your current role, the floor suddenly moves and you are pushed out of your comfort zone. This is exactly how I felt when I moved from the Data Acquisition team to the Production one.


I arrived in Australia just before New Year 2013 and I was keen to get on the job hunt so I could get my life ‘down under’ started. Conferencing was a sector I wasn’t familiar with, but I had experience in data entry so I thought I would apply for the vacant Data Acquisition job with Criterion Conferences.

The interview went very smoothly and I was all good to start the following Monday. Being part of the Data team was a fun experience. The team had expanded rapidly as the organisation understood the importance data played in ensuring each conference was a success. Without data, the marketing team simply couldn’t operate.


The next couple of months flew by pretty quickly and I soon started taking more responsibility on. My interaction with other teams began to increase and I became aware of other vacant positions in the production team.

Production was always the department to intrigue me the most. They have always seemed to me as the brain of the operation process. Being a very ambitious person that I am, I couldn’t see any harm in applying but, on the contrary, it seemed to be like a great challenge and opportunity. The interview stage was pretty intense and required maximum preparation. After two rather nerve racking interviews, the news was good, I had passed the test and now had two weeks to prepare to the new role.


Although you feel like you have prepared well for a new role, the reality was very different. I suddenly was surrounded by a completely different team, expecting to perform tasks I had little experience in. Moreover there was the added pressure of having a deadline to get everything done in time. This is the bread and butter of being a producer but it didn’t make the reality of if any easier. It was a sink or swim scenario, and I was very keen to swim. Like any new role it is bound to take time and that’s all I kept telling myself. If I keep doing the right things and listening to the right people then I knew I would begin to get it quickly. Each day would go by, and each day I was learning something new and the job was really beginning to make sense. I suddenly was interacting with members of Criterion I had barely spoken to before and my confidence was growing. 


I have now been a producer for four months and I love every minute of it. Every day is a new challenge. It is great to constantly being kept on your toes. The team around me has been incredibly helpful in enabling the transition to be as smooth as it has been. I would not hesitate to recommend joining a conference production team to anyone who is looking to follow the path I have taken. 


Submitted by Samuel Clist

Samuel Clist

Samuel is a producer at Criterion Conferences after stepping up from the Data Acquisition team. Samuel’s interests include sport, music and night time gym sessions.
Fun fact about Sam – Sam once shared breakfast with Scarlett Johansson.

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