Take the time to stop, talk & trust – Ask: R U OK?

Sep 16
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Each year, 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness, but only 35% will actually access a health service, according to a survey by Mindframe.

Exclusive research commissioned by Mental Health Australia has revealed that young adults between 18 and 29 years old were the least likely to socialise with friends and family and also the least likely to take time out from their electronic devices.

The study has also revealed that people who are on lower incomes are less likely to do things that are helpful to their mental health and wellbeing. Parents too had little time for activities that could help improve their general wellbeing.

And this seems to have become more normal, because we are all just too busy, too stressed and too caught up in our own fast-paced lives and daily problems to sometimes pay enough attention to those who surround us and even our own needs.

Well now might be the time to stop, talk & trust!

R U OK? Day (8th September) has been gaining momentum all across Australia going from photos on Bondi Beach, fundraisers around the country, company events… and even the Prime Minister joined the conversation:

“The more we talk, the more people are encouraged to seek help. Checking in with each other is something we can all do to help those around us. So if you think someone you know might need help, ask the question: ‘Are you ok?’”

At Criterion, our teams also spent the day reminding people to ask family, friends and colleagues that question, “R U OK?” and actually take the time to start the conversation and address issues like mental health and suicide prevention awareness. They exist and it’s important that everyone is aware of them in order to actually act and help those in need.


In addition to the company’s wellness focus, Criterion will be following the following simple steps that could change a friend or colleague’s day:

  1. Trust your gut
  2. Get ready to ask
  3. Have the conversation

Whether you or someone you know needs help, don’t ignore it, seek help: Mental healthwww.ruok.org.au/findhelp

For service providers looking for greater insight into mental health awareness, join us at the Mental Health Reform conference on the 15th – 16th November 2016. For more information on the Mental Health Australia research, visit their website.

Mental Health 2016

Submitted by Criterion Content Team

Criterion Content Team

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