Innovation Day: How can we disrupt the conference industry?

Nov 17
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In late October, Criterion Conferences hosted Innovation Day to brainstorm and share their ideas on how to disrupt the conference industry.

Everyone split into teams with the goal of giving the company a competitive advantage, and the winning team would take home The Good on You Award – as chosen by the company’s Managing Director Cath Jules, or the People’s Choice Award as voted by other members of the company.

The day kicked off with some some icebreakers, where everyone was organised into groups. Everyone engaged in fun activities that exercised their team-bonding and problem-solving skills.

Discussion: How can our company add value to our customers and the world?

Team members shared their thoughts on the significant technological and societal changes that had occurred their lifetime. This was an interesting discussion, as everyone came from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. This generational gap implied that team members were sharing perspectives that ranged from the TV, internet and significant movements. This discussion prompted everyone to think about the impact that they had on the organisation. During this abstract thinking exercise, everyone discussed ways value could be created for customers and to the rest of the world.

Idea generation and pitch execution

After the fantastic pizza lunch, everyone was energised and buzzing with ideas. Ideas were jotted down and discussed with other team members. Suggestions were merged into concepts. Each team worked strenuously to prepare their pitch, bearing the grand prize of Cath’s Choice and the People’s Choice Award in mind. After two hours of preparation, nine groups presented their pitches. Each team took a different approach to the topic, using presentation slides, posters and role-playing to showcase their business concepts.


Following the pitch, everyone voted for the most viable business concept. ‘The Invisibles’ won the People’s Choice Award for their innovative ideas. Cath’s Choice (The Good on You Award) was presented to ‘The Stripes’ for their creative and well-thought-out execution.

Submitted by Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen

Lisa is part of the marketing team at Criterion. She is a detail-oriented planner who continues to implement her creative flair into designing promotional content for conferences. During her spare time, she loves to study ancient history, watch musicals and bake.

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