Gender Diversity – yes, it’s still an issue!

Apr 14
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Achieving gender equality is important for workplaces not only because it is ‘fair’ and ‘the right thing to do’, it is also vitally important to the bottom line of a business and to the productivity of our nation.

As the graph highlights above, leadership of women in Australia reveals that:

  • 4% of women are CEOs
  • 9% of women are directors
  • 21% of organizations DO NOT have a woman on their board
  • and only 38% of women hold Government Board appointments.

Despite the fact that amendments to the rights of women began in 1972 – these statistics are relatively alarming.

In every aspect of everyday life in the modern era, women are empowered! Take me for example – I’m a 21-year-old young woman and I’m constantly reminded of the push for not only young people to succeed, but women also. I log into my Instagram and my feed is full of fitness and work inspiration – mostly cheesy quotes and selfies. I flip through a magazine while standing at the grocery checkout, and I’m reminded of the empowering women out there, almost a benchmark for what is now expected from society. So my question is, if women are continuously motivated and encouraged to succeed and move beyond what is expected, why is this not being indicated in the workplace? 

Just to reinforce my point, in 2013 the mining industry had a high gender pay gap of 21.7% – this is scary! Please let us know your thoughts on the importance of gender diversity, is it an issue that you feels need to be addressed?

All of these ideologies are explored through The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act) which will also be the reference point at our Gender Diversity conference in May. Make sure you register before the 24th April to receive $100 of the current rate!

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