An ear-splitting success: Criterion’s karaoke fundraiser

Sep 16
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Criterion Conferences’ Corporate Giving Committee recently held an evening of (undeniably high quality) karaoke to mark the company’s second fundraising event for 2016.

The selected charity was AIME – a program that supports Indigenous students by equipping them with the skills to achieve success at all levels of education.

The money was once again raised through a peer-nominated voting system, which would see staff put forward $2 to cast a single vote in the hope of bumping their colleague of choice into the ‘top 6 karaoke sing off’. Some members of staff decided to invest in a $50 ‘get-out-of-karaoke-card’ that would dash any possibility of them hitting the stage, and additionally give them the power to tactically redirect any votes put in their name to another unwilling victim!

As the 4:00pm nomination deadline drew closer, the alarming sense of panic began to set in for those staff members hovering dangerously near the top 6. After a couple of last minute dramatic readjustments to the leaderboard, our top 6 were announced!




(‘Sean’ Paul Sargent spitting some bars)

One by one, the contestants took the to mic to perform a classic hit each, unfortunately without the aid of a vocal backing track but instead to the overwhelming cheers from their peers.

The Corporate Giving Committee managed to raise a whopping $917 from karaoke nominations alone, and also received a generous $500 donation from our Managing Director, Cath Jules to support the cause. This took the total funds raised from the event to $1417, which was then sent off to the team at AIME.

A big thank you to the Corporate Giving Committee for their hard work in organising such a highly entertaining and successful event. Additionally, thank you to all the generous donors, and of course to the brave singstars for being such good sports!

Submitted by William Christian

William Christian

Will is the Marketing Assistant at Criterion Conferences. He is an avid traveller, and enjoys learning about different cultures and lifestyles. A fun fact about Will is that he hopes to travel across each continent before he is thirty!

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