Cultural Diversity at Criterion

Nov 15
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With team members from all over the world, Criterion’s cultural diversity is one of its defining features. I’m personally part of the significant Irish contingent and felt immediately welcome when I started working here shortly after moving to Australia earlier this year. No one feels like the ‘new person’ for very long and sharing anecdotes from our respective backgrounds is a guaranteed conversation-starter – plus we all have fun deciphering the quirks of each other’s accents and picking up some Australian slang along the way!

Some of our international team members have shared their experiences of working both at Criterion and Australia in general – keep an eye on our Careers page if you’re interested in joining!

How does the range of different cultural backgrounds within the office affect our company culture?

“It definitely makes it unique! You can walk through the office and be guaranteed to hear different accents and colloquialisms in every department….. But that feels quite normal, it’s been this way for years now, and it really seems to make up an important part of our company DNA. Everyone plays their part in shaping the company culture, by sharing experiences, stories and traditions with each other.” – Fiona is from Scotland and heads up our Production Team. She fell in love with Australia while travelling and made the move here almost three years ago.

“The range of different cultures makes the overall company very bright, very exciting! People are looking to learn from each other, and there is so much to share from each other’s’ cultures.” – Marcela, our Enquiries Manager is from Mexico and has been living in Australia for almost three years.

“I personally love working in a multicultural environment mainly because it allows us to share experiences as well as cultural differences with our colleagues and at the same time it’s a great icebreaker. Working with colleagues from culturally diverse backgrounds only adds value to an organisation; it creates an inclusive environment and strengthens positive relationships.” – Patricia is our newest Marketing Manager at Criterion but moved here from Portugal six years ago.

“On the one hand it feels like home as there are people here who grew up in the same country as me and get my cultural references.  On the other it makes it a really open minded place to work as you have so many different communication styles and ways of thinking.  From a HR perspective I find it really challenges and pushes me to design and develop initiatives that will resonate with a wide range of cultural backgrounds. I think because we are an SME it gives us a family-like environment as most of our families and close friends are thousands of miles away. It means we have a deep bond with each other and look out for each other.” – Vicki is our HR Manager and moved to Australia from England five years ago.

“It’s amazing how we take ‘happy’ workplaces for granted. Regardless of whether you’re a new starter or old, there’s an aura about this place you absolutely cannot miss. It’s a great culture of respect, communication and positivity – you cannot help but dive right into it!” – From India, Devika is a Producer & Researcher at Criterion and has been in Australia for four and a half years.

Submitted by Jessica Farrelly

Jessica Farrelly

Jessica is part of the marketing team at Criterion, specialising in content and social media. Originally from Ireland, she’s an avid traveller and moved to Sydney after a year spent living out of a backpack in Asia.

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