Criterion’s Beardless Heroes!

Mar 19
Author:Ash Natesh
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The Criterion Giving Committee (CGC) is at it again. The boys are now beardless for the world’s greatest shave, well done.

We have raised $3600.43 for Leukaemia Foundation for their campaign Shave the World from Blood Cancer!

Here is what the boys had to say about their experience of going beardless for blood cancer:

1. What motivated you to take part in this challenge?
One of my New Years resolution’s was to do something for charity. I didn’t know what that would be however when I heard about the Worlds Greatest Shave I thought it was a great initiative and as I always have people ask me what I would look like without a beard I knew it would generate some interest and I felt like we could also raise some good money for a great cause along the way!Josh Harding
As soon as I overheard everybody talking about potentially shaving their beards i knew i would be approached. I was hesitant at first as shaving my beard makes me look like a completely different person ( 10 years younger ) but eventually when i saw all the other guys getting involved i felt i had to do my part also. – Matthew Murphy
Although I have not directly been affected by Leukaemia, I have seen my friends families suffer and the support they receive from the Leukaemia Foundation Cory Whincup
When I heard that we were going to raise some money for the Leukemia Foundation, I was more than happy to partake in the challenge. It is a great cause and hopefully we have contributed to what will be a better quality of life for individuals with Leukemia and for their friends and families.Ryan Henry
It’s for an extremely good cause, i’ve had family & friends suffer & on the flipside of the coin also participate in the event.  – Todd Mangion
2. How long have you had your beard and what does it feel like to be beardless?
I have had it for eight years and the last time I had a clean shave was when I graduated university. I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t feel great but it was a liberating experience until I saw myself in the mirror!Josh Harding
I have had my beard on and off for around 5 years, i have had to trim it and shave it now and then but never had to completely clean shave it. I feel a lot younger and i keep touching my face, it feels very strange! – Matthew Murphy
 Around 2yrs. I feel as young as I look about 2yrs old!! –  Cory Whincup

I have been growing my beard for a few months but I have not been clean shaven in about 7/8 years so I feel fresh!Ryan Henry
I’ve had the beard for about 2 years now? its a strange feeling! i can only describe it as “breezey” hahaha – Todd Mangion
3. If you could describe the experience in three words what would it be?
Funny, rewarding and fulfilling.Josh Harding
Fun, Hilarious , Enjoyable. – Matthew Murphy
Worth it All.Cory Whincup
Well worth it!Ryan Henry
Its been liberating.Todd Mangion
4. How does it feel to donate to Leukaemia Foundation?
It feels great, it is such an amazing cause and I really appreciate the donations we received, the kind words during and after the process and hopefully we will have made some peoples lives a little easier along the way. – Josh Harding
It feels great raising money for charity in whatever you do but especially doing it with others and getting such a positive response. I am really proud of all the guys. – Matthew Murphy
There are many organizations which help vulnerable/ill people all around the world and to do my part for one of them makes me realize we can all make a difference in our own way.Cory Whincup
Great! It feels fantastic to be able to donate myself and also to see the kindness of others who donatedRyan Henry
we done a good thing, and i’d only lose the beard for a cause as good as this!Todd Mangion


Before and After Photos


The donation pool is still open for another month for those of you who missed out


Great work CGC and the beardless boys of Criterion! Keep the good work going.

Submitted by Ash Natesh

Ash Natesh

Ash is the Content Marketer at Criterion Conferences. Writing and sourcing content is all part of her day to day routine. She can’t stop drinking coffee, other than coffee her interests lie in Music, long walks amidst the mountains, Dance, Anime, Science Fiction and all things nerdy!

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