Criterion Concerto: Karaoke with a Cause

Oct 19
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That wasn’t a football match you could hear on Friday night but Criterion putting their vocal chords to the test for a worthy cause.

The Karaoke Night fundraiser united the company in ear-splitting solidarity to raise money for charity. 

The event saw staff donate $5 to nominate a colleague for a vocal performance, with the top 10 required to make their debut in front of the company. For those who were afraid, they were petrified, the only escape route was a $50 ‘get-out-of-karaoke’ pass which several opted for.

This year all proceeds went to their local headspace clinic in Bondi Junction. 

According to headspace, half of all mental health conditions we experience at some point in our lives will have started by age 14 and over 75% of mental health problems occur before the age of 25. 

Tracey Anderson, Head of Criterion’s Corporate Giving Committee, said supporting headspace aligned directly with the company’s values. 

“Criterion as a company is very invested in helping bring people together to tackle mental health issues – from youths to domestic violence to first responders. Headspace is not only helping but also raising awareness about youth mental health in our local communities. This alignment made headspace a great choice for us to raise money to help them continue doing the great work that unfortunately is so so necessary.”

While the event revealed some impressive vocalists in our midst, others made up for their tune-deficiency with enthusiasm, ad hoc props and eye-popping dance moves.

The evening raised a grand total of $3,254.

Tracey was delighted with the result. “The event was a huge success! Of course you always envision them being successful and raising a decent amount for your charity but the way Criterion came together for this event was amazing! I would definitely say it passed expectations.”

Despite some covers that rivaled the originals and even more side-splitting acts, Tracey said the highlight for her “was the sheer pleasure of seeing everyone come together, have a great time and be inspired for a great cause.”

For more information on headspace and the valuable work they do go to


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