Boosting organisational performance through gender diversity

Feb 14
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There has been much discussion of late across Australia about how organisations are performing on gender diversity, with a multitude of programs examining and focusing on gender equality, notably:

There is a strong business case for gender diversity in the workplace, demonstrating how diversity improves the capability and performance of organisations. As the Women’s Gender Equality Agency have pointed out, some key impacts of gender diversity are:

  1. Attract the best employees – through drawing from a full talent pool of men & women
  2. Reduce cost of staff turnover – a culture of diversity improves retention of men and women
  3. Enhance organisational performance – studies suggest a direct link between diversity and improved performance
  4. Improve access to target markets – women are more likely to understand how to reach woman-dominated target markets
  5. Minimise legal risks – reducing sexual discrimination and harassment
  6. Enhance reputation – appeal to employees, current clients and potential new business
  7. Engage men – who studies show greatly value flexible work arrangements

Does your organisation have a strategy to improve their gender diversity? What are some methods being used to improve the capacity of the organisation through diversity?

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