5 lessons learnt from the Harry Potter saga about good business practice

Aug 14
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With any good story comes a moral, a lesson learnt. So after fourteen years, seven books, eight movies, 400 million copies sold, translated into 67 languages and establishing a value well over $15 billion, it’s safe to say we can learn various lessons from this renowned series. Just like we can learn lessons from old wives tales such ad Little Red Riding Hood like not talking to strangers, the Harry Potter series has taught various lessons to numerous people around the world. For a Harry Potter fan of my age, 22, Harry, Hermione and Ron grew up with me and I quickly learnt that apparently there’s a lot to be said if you read between the lines.

Let’s take a step back from the cliché of ‘the love of your life could be right in front of you’ (Ron and Hermione and of course Harry and Ginny) and ‘don’t be afraid to take on your worst fears’ (I think everyone my age can agree that Voldemort was terrifying when we were 12 years old). Let’s look into the fine print and how we can take 5 lessons from one of the most successful series of all time and apply it to implement the best business practice.

  1. Don’t be afraid to dream, but be careful as it may come with a big head
    ‘The chosen one’ – ahhhh, wouldn’t that be a nice reality! But unfortunately, this term only lives in the pages of the seven books. When we look back to when Harry was starting to be recognised as ‘the chosen one’ – the one to be able to defeat Voldemort, his dreams of a bright future were never clearer. However, don’t allow this clarity to become clouded by ego and arrogance. This has the potential to damage friendships (remember Ron’s jealousy?) as well as forge a distorted vision of the future.
  2. Being a good person pays off
    Now let’s compare Harry and Malfoy – two separate personalities both with alternate motives and attitudes (obviously one proving to be more successful than the other). Being a person whom is driven by power and who thrives off the failure of others is never going to reach their potential. What goes around comes around and it’s a good habit to get into to be the business person everyone wants to be and work with. This will reflect in both your professional and personal life.
  3. Put emotion into your work
    Motivation is the key to producing good work. This may vary from an incentive from your boss to an exciting weekend where just the thought gets you through those long days. However, when people say ‘do what you love and love what you do’, that alone is enough emotion to keep the energy and passion driving. Just like Harry had the memory of his loved ones to motivate him and secure his future, it’s important not to treat business as just a norm. Like many characters we’ve come to love through the series, it’s clear that life is short and your key to maximising your productivity every and evoking emotion in your work.
  4. Equip your team with a mixture of the best qualities
    It’s nice to have a mix in your team – too many of the same personalities clashing can never prove to be a less than desirable result. Harry, Hermione and Ron are the perfect example of as well-balanced team; a hint of bravery, a splash of brains and of course a drop of humour and whack. A team that compliments each other in the work place but due to their alternate stronger values – these are the teams to watch out for!
  5. You never know what lies around the corner – be prepared.
    Wingardium loviosa, have your wand at guard! Well, not literally but be prepared! The world of business can be a crazy and unpredictable place and others may not have as good of business practice as you. You never know what each day can bring but one thing is for sure, you can tackle each day with a sense of professionalism and positivity. These two traits alone will assist with growing your professional stature.

Here at Criterion Conference’s our business practice and model is the pride of our day-to-day production and by implementing these 5 simple philosophies (not the Philosopher’s Stone), it’s a good way to keep a positive mind frame on track.

Please go help yourself to the handy powerpoint slides so you can print them out for constant motivation in your office and maybe a bit of ‘desk-spiration’ for your colleagues!

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Criterion Content Team

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