Where would you rather be in a medical emergency?

Sep 14
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Ever wondered where the best place is to have a medical emergency? Let’s be honest, probably not! But did you know that hospitals vary drastically in emergency department (ED) efficiency, which effects how quickly you are treated, and in turn has a direct impact on your health! Overcrowding, extended stays and delays in ambulance offloads are all associated with poorer patient outcomes.

We recently wrote about Australia’s most progressive hospitals against the NEAT. To provide you with a bit of background, NEAT is a target for hospitals to admit, refer or discharge 90% of all patients who enter an emergency department (ED) within 4 hours of arrival. In our earlier blog post we delved into the results of a recent report from the National Health Performance Authority, we detailed which hospitals have made the most progression in the last year.

The results tell us a story in terms of the best performing States and Territory’s against the NEAT, with clear correlations on States which are performing significantly better as a group of hospitals compared to others. So, here’s the low down….

The best place to be in a medical emergency is WA, with hospitals seeing an average of 76% of patients within 4 hours of arrival, closely followed by Queensland at 74%.  WA and QLD have championed the transition to the 4 hour rule since the federal government brought out the target in 2012, and the results show this.

Now that we know the best States to be in I think it’s only fair we reveal the worst… Unfortunately South Australia bottoms the table at 54%, with Northern Territory not much further ahead at 58%. So the moral of the story is… play safe in SA & NT and take risks in WA and QLD!

All jokes aside, hospitals across Australia are implementing significant changes to progress their performance and achieve better results against the NEAT.

The next event in our Quality in Emergency Departments Series will be held on 21-22 February at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney

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Submitted by Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell

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