The two biggest challenges to overcome when building a clinical placements partnership

Mar 14
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Michelle Cameron from Toowoomba Hospital has 22 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to clinical placements. With every new relationship there are new challenges to overcome and Michelle has been kind enough to give us a bit of insight into her two biggest challenges when it comes to clinical placements. For more information on the guidelines to clinical placement agreements, you can check them out here.

What do you consider to be the 2 biggest challenges with building sustainable partnerships for Clinical Placements?

“I feel like this is where I should burst into song at this point and use a whole bunch of motivational words like ‘positive relationships’, ‘agenda’, ‘professionalism’ etc. etc.   I can’t sing and have little musical ability so it’s never going to happen. A very basic problem is that working in clinical placements can be very demanding, time critical and has financial responsibilities. It may be seen as the ’hot potato’ and so people move through the positions.  This can make it hard to develop partnerships, let alone sustain them. Difficult experiences in coordinating placements can also lead to adversarial or tentative type approaches to placement coordination. It is important to develop a partnership before you need it, on both a formal and informal level. We all need to work together on placements, we have differing expectations from our organisations placed upon us and we need to be honest about what they may be and find a way to work collaboratively.” How do you overcome these challenges at your workplace? Hear some great advice from Michelle on how to overcome these challenges here! Keen to stay up to date with great tips like these from some experts in the industry? Subscribe to our blog here or check out the details for our upcoming Clinical Placements conference! 

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